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How to use your AT&T Mobley OBD2 Hot Spot Outside of your Car

The Mobley became popular because of the original Connected Car plan that was introduced by AT&T and the ability to use the Mobley outside of your car, making it an affordable Internet HotSpot or a faster internet for users in areas where fast internet options aren’t available.

Our USB OBD2 Power Adapters for the ZTE Mobley allows you to power the Mobley without requiring your vehicle's OBD2 diagnostic port, allowing you to use the Mobley in your home, office, boat, RV, etc using an existing USB charger/power supply.
  • Allows you to use your Mobley hotspot in your home, office, etc
  • Powered by most existing USB power sources such as USB Phone chargers and USB ports on your Computer
  • Take advantage of your AT&T $20 unlimited 4G LTE Connected Car Data Plan
  • Take advantage of high speed 4G LTE in your home or office
  • Manufactured in-house, in the USA. Built with high quality materials. Terminals are professionally crimped. No soldiering or butt connectors.
  • Note: The style of the power adapter may vary from photo
Different Styles Available:

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