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How to Connect an ELM327 Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner on Apple Mac OSX

STEP 1: Locate Your Cars Diagnostics Connector.

The 16-pin diagnostic link connector (DLC) should be located in the passenger or driver's
compartment, under the steering wheel.

STEP 2: Turn ON Car Ignition and Then Plug in ELM327 Bluetooth Scanner into Cars

FIRST Turn ON cars ignition (one position before engine starts)
Then Plug ELM327 Bluetooth scanner into cars connector.

STEP 3: Pair Bluetooth Connection from your Mac to ELM327 Bluetooth Scanner

NOTE: You only have 60 seconds to pair the Bluetooth scanner from the time you connect
it to the car — to the time of entering the Pairing code. If more then 60 second pass — then
Pairing code will be rejected and you'll have to plug out the scanner and try again. So have
your Bluetooth devices window open, so you can immediately connect as soon as you see
ELM327/OBDII/Unknown Device show up.

Turn on your Bluetooth Connection on your Mac / Macbook.
In the upper right of the Apple menu bar click the Bluetooth symbol.
Scroll down to set up a Bluetooth device
STEP 4: Use the Bluetooth Setup Assistant in OSX to scan for nearby Bluetooth devices
and connect to it. The name for your ELM327 Bluetooth Scanner will vary, depending on
which scanner you’re using, but the most common name is usually “OBDII”.

Note: Be sure your scanner is plugged in and the ignition is on.
There should be a solid red LED light to indicate that it’s powered on.

STEP 5: After initially attempting to pair, the Bluetooth Setup Assistant should display
the message, "The pairing attempt was unsuccessful".
This indicates the pairing passcode needs to be set.
Click "Passcode Options..." in the lower left.

STEP 6: Selecting a Passcode.
Select "Use a specific passcode" and enter "1234".
If that doesn't work, then enter "0000". Click OK.

If the interface paired properly, a Bluetooth Setup Assistant window will appear confirming,
"Pairing was completed successfully" and "A computer serial port was created".
Click Quit.
(Note: If the message "A computer serial port was created" does not appear, the interface IS
NOT paired properly and OBD-2 software will not connect to your vehicle.)

STEP 7: Start your OBD2 Diagnostic Software and go to the settings menu and make sure
the connection settings are configured to connect to Bluetooth and set which Port Number
the scanner is using. If the software has "Auto" option to detect your ELM327 automatically
— then choose it because it'll cycle through all ports on your computer until it finds the port
with ELM327connection on it.
However if it doesn't find your ELM327 interface, then you'll need to set the Serial/COM port
manually to the same number where ELM327 is connected.

  • Port Speed should be set to 38400
  • Set Parity to: No Parity
  • Timeout [sec]: The timeout is how long the software will wait before it gives up on hearing back from a serial port Some cars respond more quickly, in which case the timeout should be set for a shorter duration so time is not wasted when troubleshooting connection issues. However, some cars respond more slowly, in which timeout should be set for a longer duration to ensure that OBD software does not prematurely terminate communication.


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