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DS150e Diagnostic Software V2014.2 Install Guide on a Windows 7 computer.
This install guide also works for both the Cars and Trucks version of the software.

Compatible Diagnostic Tools: WOW, CDP, Autocom, MVDiag, DS150e

Install Guide 2014.R2 for Cars and Trucks Software:

1. Disconnect your PC from the internet and disable any anti-virus software

2. Copy [Delphi Cars 2014.R2] or [Delphi Trucks 2014.R2] folder to a location on your computer.

3. Run [main.exe] in [Delphi Cars 2014.R2]  cars folder. If you want to install the truck software,
 please run the [main.exe] in [Delphi Trucks 2014.R2] folder instead.

4. Click [start]

5. Click [yes] to save FileActivation folder.
You can save it to the main software folder [either cars or trucks]

6. Go to the [2014.2 keygen] folder and run the keygen.
Click [Open and Activate], find the FileActivation file that you saved earlier in the software folder.
When it's done, close the program.

7. Click [Start] again, then Click [no] to browse and open the FileActivation file.

8. The software installation will continue and complete. It's ready to use.
You can save a shortcut of main.exe]  to your desktop for easy access.

Installation Notes:
  • If you installed the software first without plugging in your diagnostic tool, you must install the USB Driver (main unit link to computer to install). USB driver is located in the folder "ds150e 2014.2\Delphi Cars 2014.R2\Driver"
  • If you can't run main.exe, you may need to install dotnetfx35_SP1.exe
  • If your main unit firmware is outdated, you must connect the main unit to your car, then update the firmware. Once the car is connected and you start the software, it will prompt you to update the firmware. How to update the firmware on your main unit

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