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Screenshots of starting and using the Conzult Diagnostic Software for the late model 300ZX (Z32).

The Conzult software was specifically developed for the late model 300ZX (Z32).
It is basically a PC-version of the Nissan Consult 1 tool and offers the same
functionality plus extra features that are not possible with the Nissan consult.
Some of these functions are:
▫ real time monitoring of nearly every sensor in the car.
▫ (temporarily) adjustment of fuel and timing maps, for tuning purposes.
▫ manual operation of solenoids and relays
▫ checking and erasing DTC error-codes
▫ recording, analyzing, saving, exporting and replaying sensor and solenoid data

Hardware Required: Consult USB DDL Interface for Nissan

The free software can be downloaded directly from Conzult's website HERE

Source: https://conzult.com

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