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What are the differences between OPCOM OBD2 Interface Firmware V1.45, V1.59, V1.65 and V1.7???
All of the different firmware versions are more similar than they are different.
What they have in common are:

  • Similar $$$
  • Compatible with Vaux-Com 120309a Diagnostic Software
  • Same functions: Software allows you to read and erase fault codes, view live data and perform output tests. Supports control units such as Engine, Transmission, ABS, Airbag, Engine Cooling Module, Instrument Cluster, Climate Control, BCM and more
  • Supports the same vehicles
  • All firmware versions use the Microchip PIC18F458 Micro-controller
So what's the difference?
  • Each versions was produced by different manufactures and have different PCB [printed circuit board] designs. That's it!
The Firmware Version we sell is V1.7. Go HERE to find out all of the features and functions available.

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