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I've upgraded my PC and need new activation code. Where can I get it from?
You can generate a new activation key through our online registration system. Please follow instructions on our Software Registration page.

Where can I get a manual from?
A Nissan DataScan manual prepared by Blazt can be downloaded from here. A lot of information about Nissan ECUs is also available from various web sites and internet forums.

Can I reprogram my ECU with Nissan DataScan I software?
No. Most Nissan ECUs use ROMs or MCUs to store maps. Those can not reprogramed through a Consult port without modifying the ECU.

Will the Nissan DataScan I work with my car?
All tested cars are listed under Supported Vehicles but if your car has a Consult port and the ECU uses a Consult I protocol chances are it will work.

Is there a trial version of Nissan DataScan I software?
The unregistered version of Nissan DataScan I allows free use of Live Register Test, ECU Finder and Dashboard functions. Users can test their Consult adaptor before activating the software.

Is Nissan DataScan I software compatible with Win 7, Win 8, Win 10?
Yes. The NDS I software has been tested on Win 7, Win 8, Win 10 and is working fine.

Where can I get the Nissan DataScan I software?
You can purchase it from our website
Supported Adapters:
Consult Adapter + NDSI Software packages:

The FAQS page will constantly be updated, so here is a direct link to the page on our knowledge base.

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