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Pin-out and wiring color identification for our 16 Pin OBD2 J1962 Connector Pigtails.
Note: This pin-out and wiring color diagram applies to ONLY our products and not any other OBD2 connectors or cables purchased from another company.

Applies to these products:

1Manufacturers discretionGray
2SAE J1850 Line (Bus +)BrownWhite
3Manufacturers discretionLight Green
4Chassis GroundLight Blue
5Signal GroundYellow
6SAE J2284 (CAN High)Purple
7K Line of ISO 9141-2 & ISO/DIS 4230-4BlackWhite
8Manufacturers discretionRedWhite
9Manufacturers discretionPink
10SAE J1850 Line (Bus -)Brown
11Manufacturers discretionGreen
12Manufacturers discretionBlue
13Manufacturers discretionOrange
14SAE J2284 (CAN Low)White
15L Line of ISO 9141-2 & ISO/DIS 4230-4Black
16Unswitched Vehicle Battery PositiveRed

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